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  • Public Display of Affection: Etiquette and Approaches
    First off, what does PDA mean in a relationship? Well, PDA is the public display of affection, public kissing, hugging, touching, etc. The modern society is generally quite open to most forms of public display of affection and love. Of course, there are some limitations and rules that two individuals in love should follow not to make themselves look like fools.
  • Loneliness in a Relationship: What Are the Causes?
    We feel deeply lonely when we want to feel sincere contact with someone, but this person is inaccessible to us, they don’t want or just unable to open up. This feeling is certainly present when we are alone, but it often arises in a relationship, when one or both partners have lost touch with each other because one of them is angry, sick or very tired, or has withdrawn into themselves.
  • Dating Someone with Abandonment Issues
    Let's start this article with a little love story about characters without names. A girl is dating a guy who has caused mixed feelings in her, but she decides, however, to go on a date with him. After some time, things begin to develop, and she begins to realize that she likes him. They enjoy socializing and start laughing at each other's jokes - even if these jokes aren't funny.
  • Top Signs of Manipulation in a Relationship
    Manipulation is a psychological technique that is used to get what you want without taking into account the interests of a partner. The essence of the technique is to push your opponents to the result you want to get by your own actions so that people think that they are performing these actions solely on their own will
  • How to Tell If a Girl Is Interested in You
    When a girl shows sympathy, this is the surest sign that it's time to act. But the fact is that sometimes sweet smile and tender look conceal not interest but ordinary politeness. Misunderstanding of female nature has led to millions of broken hearts of men who took the usual politeness for the true interest.
  • What Is the Perfect Age to Get Married?
    There is a well-established opinion that the more time you spend with a person before the registration in the registry office, the greater the chances for marriage welfare are.
  • What's the Difference Between Constructive and Destructive Criticism in a Relationship?
    Today we will talk about what is constructive and destructive criticism, what should be the attitude towards criticism, and how to react to criticism. Any person who is engaged in some sort of business, or someone who simply likes to voice their opinion, their position on any given issue, will surely be criticized to one degree or another.
  • How to Get Over Insecurities in a Relationship: Tips for Men
    Everybody has insecurities: beautiful and ordinary people, the poor and the rich, celebrities and those who are unknown to the general public. Psychological complexes spoil life, drive people insane or swallow them into the trap of depression. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of insecurities in relationships in particular. And this is what we are going to talk about in this article.
  • How to Make a Woman Feel Loved: Tips and Advice
    How to make someone feel loved? This is a tough question because the feeling of being loved is so subjective, you could be bitter about your significant other, accusing them of being neglecting. But you must remember that different people show love and appreciation differently. What you perceive as caring could be overwhelming for one individual, and what you give to another could be seen as a dull try to give love. So, what makes you feel loved?
  • Best Ways to Please a Woman: Make Her Scream!
    It is necessary to recognize that the male tribe is too arrogant. Men overestimate their abilities, although, in fact, they don’t do that much. Especially in terms of relationships with girls. Guys mess things up and complain, they believe that they are the best lovers ever while girls come crying to their women friends that they have never had an orgasm. This is a very complex and delicate question that needs your time and efforts because when our ideas meet reality, both sides suffer.
  • How to Not Be a Nice Guy and Why You Actually Shouldn't
    A good guy can be your relative who lets your wife manipulate him. It may also be your friend who is willing to do anything for anyone, even if his own life lies in ruins. This is a man whose life seems quite orderly, but then he does something impossible to explain with it: he quits his job, his family and goes on some kind of a journey.
  • What Is Negging and How to Respond to It
    Do you still think that the way to conquer a girl’s heart lies through compliments and nice words? Then we bet you haven’t heard about the latest dating trend called negging. Why do some people are pathologically negging their beloved? Why do other people use it purposely? How to spot negging and cease it forever? This article will respond to all of your questions.
  • Dating Korean Women: Everything You Need to Know
    Korea is one of the most magnificent countries I’ve ever seen. It is beautiful, and its culture is vivid and extremely unique. People here are very fond of traditions, and you truly feel like a foreigner, but in a good way, as more of an explorer rather than an alien. The same can be said about women and relationships in general. I’ve had my fair share of experience, and I know what it’s like to date Korean girls, so I want to share it with you today.
  • How to Attract a Pisces Woman
    It is not surprising that many men are interested in the representatives of this zodiacal constellation. In such a woman, the characteristics fully correspond to a decent lady. She is romantic, graceful, dreamy, sweet and charming.
  • Why Men Love Cougar Women
    According to European public opinion polls, about a third of women over 45 are ready to have sex with a man 7 years younger than them, and a partner that is 4-6 years younger is suitable for half of mature women. The traditional distribution of roles between the sexes is increasingly changing, and the idea that a woman should be younger, or at least not older than a man, is becoming a thing of the past. This relationship model still, of course, lacks public recognition, but the trend is already evident.
  • How to Get Over Infidelity in a Marriage
    In some couples, love and respect have never been there. And yet, if you are legally married but cheating on your spouse, you are not doing very well! After all, you not only deceive but also hurt the person who is not a stranger to you, who began to live with you not without your consent to it. But we are not going to blame and condemn anyone for infidelity.
  • Comprehensive Domestic Abuse Help
    Domestic abuse victims can be men, women, or children. The most frequent pattern, though, is the one that involves violence against women. This article deals with the specific type of domestic abuse, the so-called intimate partner violence. Read to find out more about this topical issue and learn the ways of preventing and eradicating it.
  • Should You Have Sex with Your Ex-Girlfriend?
    Sex with the ex is a rather strange idea. After all, your relationship is over, and you have already put a decisive end to it, haven't you? It would seem that they want to step in the same river twice and get back to the good old days. Nevertheless, many people have sex dreams about their exes.
  • How to Show Love: Top 10 Ways
    Talking with your partner is a great way to express love. "Communication in relationships, in fact, involves using your verbal, written and physical skills to meet your partner's needs. If there is a misunderstanding, you miss the opportunity to build trust and intimacy; both of you will feel frustrated in the relationship," says entrepreneur and author Tony Robbins.
  • Letting Go of Emotional Baggage: Tips & Advice
    Life is a journey, during which our baggage is constantly replenished with something new: experience, acquaintances and connections, impressions, emotions. When they are positive, it is not difficult to bear, but when they cause pain, experiences, negative memories are accumulated, it becomes difficult even to move forward.
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